About me

Roberto, born in 1984, hopeless (but shameless) geek.

I have been told that my philosophy on RPGs presupposes a very strong social contract and mutual trust. This is absolutely true. I believe that bringing certain attitudes to the table simply goes beyond the purpose of having fun.

In my teens I wanted to roleplay, but I didn’t have a group and was too shy to seek one out. Later I finally had the chance to join a group and we played a completely random version of D&D 3.5 and at the same time I attended some Vampire LARPs. The first experience ended because the group went into soft air (!), the other because I didn’t like the attitude of the LARP players.
After that, crisis of rejection and things of life (thesis, first jobs 12/7, the usual things of average twenties) kept me out of the loop.

I got interested again in the summer of 2019, first hoarding Risus and Lasers & Feelings and all the hacks available around. Then I bought Legends of Andor on sale and I was back into dungeon delving. Then pandemic broke out and the group of friends I was playing Andor with was unable to meet face-to-face, so I improvised a game using Sword & Six-siders. I haven’t stopped since.

My favorite RPGs are:

I am also member #1511 of the International Order of Risus.