Taintedweald: Designer's Notes

Since last year I was toying myself with the idea to write a setting inspired by Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece. The first attempt was last year to submit for InPlay #3 (then never issued, alas), but I was not able to meet the deadline.

The idea stuck in my mind, for merrier times. Then other project came, fatherhood and everything connected to it.

Until Yochai Gal launched the *Forest of Another Name” Cairn Jam last month. The original deadline was March 31st and I know it was totally impossible for me to meet that deadline. Then it has postponed to April 15th and I was able to start writing my submission in time.

The result is Taintedweald, a mini-setting in a 24 pages zine. Let’s see it in detail!

It was a heck of a ride to write and layout the whole things in less than a week, but it was so much fun! Hope you’ll find fun too in running or playing it!

Discussion and feedback