My Appendix N - Part I: Fantasy Essentials

For those who do not know, Appendix N was a list of inspirations and sources compiled by Gary Gygax in the Dungeon Masters Guide of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1979). If you were curious to read Gygax’s list without purchasing the DMG, you can find a copy here.

When it comes to role-playing, we all have in mind tropes, styles and archetypes that are not always common to our own table. I guess if this is the reason why D&D over time has diverged from its gonzo and sword & sorcery origins to become a dull soup of disparate inspirations, which has now become a full fledged genre in its own right.

As a referee, I often found that I took these inspirations for granted, only to find a table that did not have the references to understand what setting I was proposing to them.

This post will be divided into at least two parts, fantasy and science fiction. But I may expand it into other genres. Here in the meantime is the first part.



Legendary Sagas

Arthurian Cycle

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