Yet Another NSR blog

Hi there, I am starting this new “venture” hosting my first blog in English about RPGs, specifically those games I like to call “adventure game” whose definition, as Ben Milton addressed a while ago:

  • It implies authentic peril and the possibility of loss.
  • It implies strangeness, travel, the unexpected, and the confusing.
  • It implies variety and an episodic structure, a picaresque rather than a novel.
  • It implies cleverness, ingenuity, and cunning rather than a bloody slog.
  • It implies characters like Conan, Luke Skywalker, Elric, Hellboy or Fafrd.
  • It’s short, simple, and isn’t obscure. Episodic-high-stakes-open-ended-lateral-problem-solving-fantasy-game > might - be more accurate, but good luck with that catching on.
  • It evokes (in my head) a game that’s simple, unpretentious, and focused on fun at the table.

My attitude for the sake of this miscellany of thoughts will be adherent with the NSR philosophy (originally stated here), with my personal take:

NSR games have:


and focus on:

Maybe in the future I will try to elaborate on each point from my perspective.

If you are curious about NSR, you can find its community on discord.

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