Plerion v.1.0.0 is available!

I’m happy, excited and exhausted, but I’ve finally done it: Plerion is online!

This game was born out of an unconvinced itch. I didn’t feel the need to write another science fiction game based on Cairn knowing that there were other hacks already in the works.

The NSR community encouraged me and most importantly I was supported by “colleagues” Adam Hensley and David Lombardo who were writing precisely Monolith and Meteor. And a big thank you also goes to Xenio for his decisive encouragement, “no such a thing as unnecessary, make as many hacks as your heart wants. There’s never too much”. I took him at his word, and now we are here!

I would have liked to have documented Plerion’s ideation process better, but personal life in this year, with the arrival of my little girl, has been hectic. I preferred to devote myself to writing and packaging. There will hopefully be time and place to clarify design choices in the future.

Plerion was playtested thanks to the Italian PBC player group and live at TPK, the first Italian OSR convention. I thank all my players for this contribution!

Ready to blaze through the five galaxies?

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